April 4, 2016

About Services


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Wipe out dust
at the entrance
on the doors of
each room

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  • Tidy up kitchen utensils
  • Clean the gas stove
  • Clean the stove hood
  • Microwave internal / external cleaning
  • Kitchen countertop cleaning
  • Clean the outside of refrigerator
  • Clean the tables
  • Kitchen floor vacuum cleaning and
    steam mopping

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Room / Living Room

  • Remove window frame dirt
  • Remove the molding dust off the heater
  • Wipe the dust off of the furniture
  • Floor vacuum cleaning and steam mopping
  • Closet vacuum cleaning and steam mopping
    Clean the shoe shelves
  • Wipe all of he mirrors
  • Tidy up the beddings

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Basement Cleaning

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Stairs Vacuum Cleaning/
Steam Mopping

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  •  Wipe the mirror
  •  Clean the sink
  •  Clean the bathtub
  •  Remove the stains and mold
  •  Wipe the glass door of the shower booth (remove the lime)
  •  Wipe the inside and outside of the toilet bowl
  •  Empty and wash the trash can
  •  Wipe the faucet


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  • Clean the floor and desks
  • Clean up toilet
  • Empty and wash the trash can
  • Dust up window frames
  • Tidy up the desk
  • Cleancomputer

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Special Order

Unclog Toilet

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Special Order

Carpet Shampoo & Cleaning

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Special Order

Marble, Granite, Stone, Terrazzo, Tile, Floors & Countertop

  • Stripping, Buffing, Burnishing

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Special Order

Painting Services

  • Interior & Exterior

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Special Order

Home Repair Services

  • Window
  • Floor
  • Door
  • Kitchen
  • Cabinet
  • Inside Wall
  • Bathroom
  • Heating & Cooling Service
  • Plumbing Services
  • Electrical Services